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If a government agency or lawmaker blocks you on social media because of your atheism or issues that you support, let us know.

Please use this form to send us your social media handle, a link to the account you were blocked from, and, if possible, a screenshot of your tweet or post that led to being blocked. Alternately, you can send the information to

We will review the post and the account that blocked you and, if appropriate, send a demand letter to the official explaining their obligations under the law. Depending on the circumstances, we may take additional legal action. Please note that we are unable to send a demand letter unless you are willing to be public about being blocked.

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Important Note
It is not possible for the AALC to maintain your anonymity when interacting with the government agency or official in question. It is necessary for the AALC to disclose your name in order for the government to correct any action taken to restrict your freedom of speech.
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