It can be difficult to know where to start when you ENGAGE with your elected officials. Here are some suggested tweets and social media posts to start the conversation and ensure that your voice is being heard by your elected officials.

Note: When using any of the suggested tweets, don’t forget to replace the first word with your elected official’s Twitter username!


Religious Refusals in Healthcare


.@ELECTED-OFFICIAL, religious hospitals should not receive taxpayer funds while imposing their own religious beliefs on patients. Denying medically necessary care is wrong!  #AtheistsENGAGE #ReligiousRefusal

.@ELECTED-OFFICIAL, stop prioritizing religion over medical standards of care and patient health. End unfair and discriminatory religious refusals! #AtheistsENGAGE

.@ELECTED-OFFICIAL, keep your religion away from my healthcare! Refuse to let hospitals that receive public funding compromise patient care based on their religion. #AtheistsENGAGE

Religious Discrimination in Adoption & Foster Care


.@ELECTED-OFFICIAL In 10 states, religious child placement agencies receive taxpayer funding even as they discriminate against LGBTQ people, atheists, and religious minorities. This prevents children from being placed in safe and loving homes. End this state-sponsored discrimination! #AtheistsENGAGE

.@ELECTED-OFFICIAL End state-sponsored discrimination against LGBTQ couples! No state should put religion above the safety and welfare of children. Repeal [State’s] law that allows religious foster and adoption agencies to discriminate with state funds. #AtheistsENGAGE

.@ELECTED-OFFICIAL Every child deserves a safe and loving home! Don’t let religious foster and adoption agencies discriminate against LGBTQ, atheist, or religous minority couples! #AtheistsENGAGE #LicenseToDiscriminate


Conversion Therapy


.@ELECTED-OFFICIAL End the dangerous and discredited practice of conversion therapy! #AtheistsENGAGE #BornThisWay

.@ELECTED-OFFICIAL Being LGBTQ is not an illness. Brainwashing and abuse is not treatment. End conversion therapy! #AtheistsENGAGE

.@ELECTED-OFFICIAL Conversion therapy against LGBTQ people is cruel and ineffective. Stop allowing churches to abuse minors! End conversion therapy! #AtheistsENGAGE